Rehova and Gramozi mountains

Rehovë/Rehova is small and rural town near Ersekë.

In fact, if someone goes to Korçë’s county we recommend to visit the capital (Korçë), Pogradeci and its lake and Voskopojë which is one of the most important cultural centers in Albania, holding an incredible heritage and nowadays an sky resort as well.

But in this post we recommend an “out-of-the-box” town in the unknown Kolonjë district: Rehovë/Rehova. 2km from Ersekë (district’s capital) a non-paved road takes you to that rural town that lies on the foot of Gramoz mountain. It is a starting point if you want to hike those mountains, that will takes you about 4-5 hours.
This characteristic/traditional village is build around its church and it’s nice to just sightseeing the town made of stone houses and its views over the Kolonjë district.
2 hours walking from Rehovë there’s an impressing waterfall (Katarakti i Rehoves)

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In all the european comunist countries we used to find a balnearic town. They all are a special jewell in the Partie’s crown. This unique towns are figurated in order to provide a little breakdown in their rutine. The workers used to be rewarded sometimes with a holiday in one of those cities. In that time, these cities were kept as best as they could and nowadays, some of them, are in a worst situation as they used to be. About that point, we will write a post someday. […]

So, Pogradeci IS ALSO a balnearic town, and was the most exclusive one, because was not specifically designed for the workers but for the Party members. It is also common in those regimes to have special areas sealed off from the public. The most famous example was the Berliner outsider town of Pankow in the DDR.

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Ersekë is a little town in the south-eastern part of the country and is one of the most elevated cities in Albania. The town is very near from the greek border. The point is that an alpine mountain range does divide the south-eastern border of Albania, acting as a natural frontier for both countries, and Ersekë is stucked just on the foot of the mountain.
Ersekë is proud to be a post-communist town with an improved system of their community facilities, with an economy based on agriculture and also with a quite high human capital level.

We went to Ersekë thanks to KSay’s hospitality, who hosted us for a couple of days. Via couchsurfing‘s web we met her, and she invites us to Ersekë. So this post is dedicated to her!

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